Bekaert Group Executive

Bert De Graeve Chief Executive Officer
Bruno Humblet Chief Financial Officer & Group Executive Vice President Specialized films
Dominique Neerinck Chief Technology Officer & Group Executive Vice President Industrial coatings
Geert Roelens Group Executive Vice President Steelcord
Henri-Jean Velge Group Executive Vice President Wire & Stainless technologies


Senior Management

Jacques Anckaert Investor Relations Officer
Philippe Armengaud Chief Purchasing Officer
Danny Chambaere General Manager Building Products
Bruno Cluydts General Manager Bekaert Stainless technologies
Marc de Sauvage General Manager Bekaert Engineering
Mark Goyens President Bekaert Asia
Lieven Larmuseau General Manager Rubber Reinforcement
Carlos Loncke Business Controller Wire
Rick McWhirt General Manager Steelcord Americas
Alejandro Sananez General Manager Andina
Geert Van Haver General Manager Wire Europe
Herman Vandaele General Manager Corporate Projects
Curd Vandekerckhove General Manager Sawing Wire
Geert Voet General Manager Wire Americas
Frank Vromant Business Controller Steelcord
Bart Wille Chief HR Officer
Zhong Zhang General Manager Steelcord Asia North


Company Secretary

Pierre Schaubroeck


Deloitte Bedrijfsrevisoren

Investor relations

Jacques Anckaert
T +32 56 23 05 72
F +32 56 22 85 57

Corporate communications

Katelijn Bohez
T +32 56 23 05 71
F +32 56 23 05 48


Editor: Katelijn Bohez, Chief Communications Officer
Coordination: Nathalie Meert, Corporate External Communication Manager


Statement from the responsible persons

Statement from the responsible persons

The undersigned persons state that, to the best of their knowledge:

  • the consolidated financial statements of NV Bekaert SA and its subsidiaries as of 31 December 2009 have been prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards, and give a true and fair view of the assets and liabilities, financial position and results of the whole of the companies included in the consolidation; and
  • the annual report on the consolidated financial statements gives a fair overview of the development and the results of the business and of the position of the whole of the companies included in the consolidation, as well as a description of the principal risks and uncertainties faced by them.

On behalf of the Board of Directors:

Bert De Graeve
Chief Executive Officer

Baron Buysse
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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