Basic Materials

Basic materials


  • Cables and woven materials for conveyor belts
  • Carding wire for the textile industry
  • Shovel ropes for mining applications
  • Hot gas filtration media Green Logo Leaf Bekaert
  • Polymer filtration media
  • Paper-drying systems
  • Sputter targets & hardware
  • Heat resistant separation materials
  • Fibers for protective clothing etc.

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Bekaert’s products for the production or exploration of basic materials add value at different stages of the value chain of coal, metals, glass, pulp and paper, chemicals and textiles.

For the textile industry we produce carding wire and high-quality steel wire for the heddles and springs in Jacquard looms.

Bekaert heat resistant separation materials (HRSM) is a textile product made of stainless steel fibers and/or heat resistant synthetic fibers. This product is used during the production of complex glass forms (car windows, bottles, …) as separation cloth between the hot glass and metal tools. It provides a cushioning effect and prevents optical defects.

For example, we provide cables and wefts for conveyor belts for diverse industries. Or in filter media for the production of synthetic fibers and films. Bekaert offers customers in the textile industry wires for carding. We also produce high-grade steel wire for the heddles and springs of Jacquard looms. In the glass industry, we are a trendsetter with our sputter hardware and rotating targets.

Innovative filtration systems using microscopic fibers are revolutionizing filters by significantly increasing performance.

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