Consumer goods

Consumer goods


  • Champagne cork wire
  • Wire for kitchen utensils
  • Spring wire for bedding and seating
  • Bra wire
  • Staple wire
  • Music wire
  • Bookbinding and stitching wire
  • Wire for medical instruments etc.

We have always been a dependable name for wired consumer goods in the established markets, and we are becoming one in the emerging consumer markets as well.

Often unseen, but always there: Bekaert is a part of products we all use every day. Our Bekaert bookbinding wire exists in a variety of colors. Even kitchen utensils contain Bekaert wires.

As a global organization, Bekaert is in an excellent position to supply wire for stationery items, books, music wire, and kitchen tools. Global consumerism is the present trend. As higher quality and comfort standards and functionalities are required, the demand for more advanced coated steel wire products evolves accordingly.  

In hospitals our wires are used in medical devices.

Besides bra wire, heatable clothing, champagne cork wire and upholstery springs, wires are needed for springs in electronics, sanitary equipment and toys. In hospitals wire is used, for example, in monitoring devices, catheters and diabetes sampling strips. The consumption of these applications thrives on the increased concern for wellness and health. To sum it up: Bekaert’s products go around the world to support the evolution of emerging into established consumers.

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