Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities


  • Sawing wire for cutting polysilicon Green Logo Leaf Bekaert
  • Wire and cable for oil and gas exploration
  • Wire for the reinforcement of telecom and energy cables
  • Wire for the reinforcement of overhead power lines
  • Flat and profiled wires for the reinforcement of flexible pipes
  • Backsheet film for photovoltaic applications Green Logo Leaf Bekaert
  • AZO rotatable sputter targets for photovoltaic applications Green Logo Leaf Bekaert
  • Steel cord reinforced thermoplastic strips
  • Steel cord reinforced belts for driving wind turbine blades Green Logo Leaf Bekaert
  • Burners for environmentally friendly incineration of residual gasses during oil extraction Green Logo Leaf Bekaert
  • High-pressure vessels for water desalinization etc.Green Logo Leaf Bekaert

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The circumstances for oil recovery are increasingly challenging, and demand ever-improved methods and materials. Bekaert supplies the industry with high-quality solutions like wires and cables for offshore oil exploration, and flat and profiled wires to reinforce offshore pipes.

The energy and utilities sector is experiencing strong growth, accounting for 21% of Bekaert’s sales. Our products are aimed at energy generation and distribution, but also at activities in water and telecom. Bekaert is supporting the sector with the reinforcement of cables, overhead power lines and flexible pipes. In addition, we deliver crucial components for oil and gas drilling, mining, water desalinization, and solar and wind power generation. These products give our customers access to innovative technologies and solutions that enable them to extract, convey, produce, and distribute energy and other resources in an efficient and safe way. For Bekaert, these innovative products are critical in safeguarding our profitability, also and especially in the mature markets.

Bekaert sawing wire is used in the photovoltaic industry to slice polysilicon wafers. Bekaert has become the leading supplier thanks to its expertise in high quality thin wire. Thinner wire allows for more wafers per silicon ingot. In this way Bekaert ensures more output and lower cost for its customers.

2009 marked another strong year for the energy sector, in both mature and emerging markets. The shift from fossil fuels towards renewable resources experienced a boost due to the various stimulus plans, incentive programs and huge investments in sustainable energy supplies. In addition, the ever-rising need for energy, especially in the emerging countries, has called for sustainable solutions. Europe has also emerged as the leader in harnessing wind energy.

Bekaert has made great strides in the development of a wide variety of innovative products that support the drive towards renewable energy. Prime examples are our sawing wire, which allows manufacturers in the photovoltaic industry to cut polysilicon ingots into wafers for the production of solar cells with a minimum loss of material and our steel cord reinforced belts that are used in wind turbines.

Further growth is equally expected from the traditional energy markets as electricity consumption is rising and distribution networks need to be revamped and expanded. High-voltage lines are being upgraded with new conductors to cope with higher transmission demands over longer distances. Producers of transmission and distribution power cable are therefore increasingly calling upon Bekaert for wires and coatings that ensure greater strength and higher temperature resistance to reinforce and protect the conductor’s steel core.

Meanwhile, oil and gas remain the biggest resources for energy. The circumstances for oil recovery are increasingly challenging, and demand ever-improved methods and materials. Energy companies increase their efforts to explore and recover oil and gas. On every continent they aim to get maximum results in oil and gas drilling, making them truly global players. Because of Bekaert’s worldwide presence, we are perfectly suited to supply these companies and their contractors with high-quality solutions like steel cord reinforced thermoplastic strips, flat and profiled wires to reinforce offshore pipes, and wires and cables for on- and offshore oil and gas exploration.

Overhead powerlines are being reinforced with our super high tensile steel wires and strands. Bezinal® coatings allow increased conductor temperatures and guarantee superior corrosion resistance.
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