Championing health and safety

Continued better safety results

Safety always come first at Bekaert. Throughout our long tradition of operational excellence, safety has taken up a pivotal role in our activities. This is why safety objectives are a mandatory component of the annual business plan for each Bekaert plant. Performance in this area is monitored continually and compared globally.

A safety model that spans the globe

In 2009, we further implemented the ‘Bekaert Safety Tree Model’ in our steel cord plants worldwide. All plant managers and plant safety coordinators received extensive training after which the model was rolled out to the different production plants. To facilitate this, the requisite tools were made available to them: checklists for performing safety audits, the procedure for conducting risk analysis and observations, and the group-wide system to report and solve unsafe situations. For their part, the plant managers and plant safety coordinators trained the local staff.

Every three months the Bekaert ‘Safety Tree Model Scorecard’ was used to monitor the implementation process. The number of lost-time accidents dropped from 43 to 18. In preparation of the opening of our new production plant in Lipetsk we integrated the Bekaert Safety Tree Model into the new organization there. Several teams participated: the Bekaert Russia team, representatives from local authorities, representatives of contractors, and trainers from other Bekaert organizations.

Safety has been a key concern at Bekaert since the company was founded: it is embedded in our long tradition of operational excellence.


Repeatability Index Bekaert consolidated plants

Severity Index Bekaert consolidated plants

In 2009 we could bring down the number of lost time accidents by 21% as compared to 2008 thanks to enhanced safety efforts.

Keeping awareness high

Safety as a state of mind

In September Bekaert organized the second edition of its International Health & Safety Day. With this annual initiative we reaffirmed our commitment to a healthy and safe working environment, a key priority for our employees. During the day numerous activities were planned in all Bekaert entities around the world. From Peru to China and from Canada to Indonesia, all
23 000 Bekaert employees participated in initiatives aimed at keeping safety awareness high.

‘Safety is OUR business’, the main theme in 2009, underscored the importance of everybody’s involvement in establishing a safe shop floor. While the Bekaert International Health & Safety Day takes place on one day only, Bekaert considers optimal health and safety conditions to be a 365-days-per-year commitment at all its locations.

Bekaert plants that distinguished themselves by successive years without accidents causing lost time


  • Bekaert Engineering Hlohovec (Slovakia): 2 years
  • NV Bekaert SA (Zwevegem-Moen, Belgium): 2 years

North America:

  • Bekaert Corporation (Amherst, U.S.): 3 years
  • Bekaert Corporation (Shelbyville, U.S.): 2 years
  • Bekaert Carding Solutions (Simpsonville, U.S.): 2 years

Latin America:

  • BMB-Belgo Mineira Bekaert Artefatos de Arame Ltda (Itaúna, Brazil): 9 years
  • BBA-Belgo Bekaert Arames Ltda (Sabará, Brazil):

3 years

  • BBA-Belgo Bekaert Arames Ltda (Hortolandia, Brazil):

2 years Asia Pacific:

  • Bekaert Toko Metal Fiber Co Ltd Ibaraki (Japan):

8 years

  • PT Bekaert Indonesia (Karawang, Indonesia): 7 years
  • Shanghai Bekaert-Ergang Co Ltd, (China): 2 years
  • Bekaert Jiangyin Wire Products (Jiangyin, China):

2 years

  • Wuxi Bekaert Textile Machinery and Accessories Co Ltd (Wuxi, China): 2 years
  • Bekaert Industries Pvt Ltd (Pune, India): 2 years

The safety department within our subsidiary Prodac in Peru, organized an activity for the employees’ children. During this session, the children got acquainted with health and safety guidelines.

Bekaert plants that produced in 2009 without any accidents causing lost time


  • Bekaert Hlohovec steelcord operations (Slovakia)
  • Bekaert Lipetsk OOO (Lipetsk, Russia)
  • Bekaert Advanced Coatings (Zulte, Belgium)

North America:

  • Bekaert Corporation (Raleigh-Durham, U.S.)

Asia Pacific:

  • Bekaert Ansteel Tire Cord Co Ltd

(Chongqing, China)

  • Bekaert Shenyang Steel Cord Co Ltd (Shenyang, China)
  • Bekaert Advanced Coatings Co Ltd; Bekaert Binjiang Advanced Products Co Ltd; Bekaert Binjiang Steel Cord Co Ltd; Bekaert Technology & Engineering Co Ltd; Bekaert Technology Research & Development Co Ltd; Bekaert Asia Research & Development Center (Jiangyin, China)
  • Mukand Bekaert Wire Industries Pvt Ltd (Lonand, India)
  • Bekaert Carding Solutions Pvt Ltd (Pune, India)
  • PT Bekaert Advanced Filtration (Karawang, Indonesia)
  • Bekinit K.K. (Saitama, Japan)
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